Stoy ungy, stoy fouli, yu knw? Jerbs was oll obout keuping int rieal, stoing ungy fur knoulege und nout boing afroud tu luuk a bitu fouli in te prucess. Thots tha voibe uere bronging uith thus memecuin, somethung thut mught sinm a but out thore ot forst, bot trost me, ut's gunna be litu on Solana. So, ure iou gunna muss out and end up fuling like a totol noob, or ore iou gunna ride thus uave to thi muun with us? 🍍

Stay hungry, stay foolish, you know? Jerbs was all about keeping it real, staying hungry for knowledge and not being afraid to look a bit foolish in the process. That's the vibe we're bringing with this memecoin, something that might seem a bit out there at first, but trust me, it's gonna be lit on Solana. So, are you gonna miss out and end up feeling like a total noob, or are you gonna ride this wave to the moon with us?

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